I redid it in color. Black children are denied their innocence and childhood, even in death.


do you ever wanna listen to music but every song is just not the right song

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Marilyn Monroe was considered the sexiest woman of her time. she doesnt have the gap, you cant see her ribs, her hair doesnt come down to her ass.
she’s pretty much the opposite of what everyone risks their lives and tries so hard to be.
society you fucked up.

Yeah, but y’know back then there were articles about helping women gain wait to look like her.
There were adverts in the paper saying how nobody wants a skinny girl.
Society hasn’t gone backwards, it’s simply changed around and changed what the definition of beauty is, with the same damaging results.


19 year old Angelina Jolie, 1994



i hate how people use the word “partner” for gay people like no she’s my girlfriend we’re not fucking doing science projects together thank you bye



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(taken from this post on the experiments of Harry Harlow)
This is serious business, because this is a large part of how sexism, racism, homophobia, rape culture, ethnocentrism, etc. continue to happen.
  • Government: We want to keep pregnancy rates in young girls down!
  • Government: *Has terrible sex education for young girls*
  • Government: *Charges lots of money for birth control*
  • Government: *Charges lots of money for pregnancy tests*
  • Government: *Charges lots of money for plan b pills*
  • Government: *Is against abortion*
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